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To find out what your home is really worth in today's market, you need a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) completed by a Roswell REALTOR who is experienced in this market. This market analysis looks at numerous factors to arrive at a value for your home. However, we have a quick tool that can give you a close estimate of the price of your Roswell home quickly. Click here to find the price of your Roswell home. Click here to look at Roswell real estate for sale that might be similar to your home.


A CMA performed by a real estate agent in Roswell is not the same thing as an appraisal although they are sometimes confused and the quick tool will give you a snapshot but can't take into consideration upgrades or deficiencies a home may have.

An appraisal is an opinion of value and can be different than a CMA which seeks to determine a market price for your home. An appraisal looks mostly at sold listings and makes adjustments for differences between your home and others that have sold to determine the value. This is what a bank will need to determine how much money they will lend to a buyer for your home.

A CMA will take into account many of the same things that an appraisal will use as factors to determine value, but is not limited to some of the guidelines an appraiser must use. For example, an appraiser will try to use recent sales from within an area of a 1-mile radius of your home. When we perform a CMA, we may see that demand is more driven by a school district or even multiple school districts that fall outside of that mile and that will affect the demand for your home. When we look at factors such as the demand and compare them not only to sold homes but to those that are for sale and under contract, we seek to arrive at a market price - what your home can sell for in today's market based on what buyers are willing to pay.

The quick tool will get you close, but you need to have someone come to your home in person to really determine what your home is worth.

Fill out the Form Below and we will prepare a CMA for you or use this link to get a quick snapshot of your Alpharetta home price. There is no obligation either way and you won't be required to use us to sell your home. You owe it to yourself to find out what buyers are willing to pay for your home before you put it on the market.

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