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Premier Offer Program - Get A Guaranteed Offer In Atlanta

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You could get a Premier Offer on your home in as little as 48 hours. No staging. No prep. No cleaning. No showings. No open houses. No stress. No hassle. Completely bypass the traditional real estate market and pick your closing date - as soon as 14 days after you approve the offer, or longer if choose. Our Premier Offer Program offers the speed, certainty and convenience you have always wanted in selling your home. Get your offer.

How It Works

The Premier Offer Program is somewhat similar to other guaranteed offer programs you may have heard about or seen from national companies and some local companies. In short, we have buyers that will make you an offer on your home with flexible closing dates to meet your needs. Selling your home with a guaranteed offer eliminates all of the hassles and work typically associated selling your home and sidesteps the traditional real estate market. You won't have to prep your home for sale, freshen up the paint, hire a stager and a photographer, declutter, hold open houses and agent caravans, turn all your lights on and leave your house for every "possible" buyer and wonder if the home will sell.

Our buyers will make you an offer based on the condition and location of your home and close when you are ready. This means you can make certain plans, buy your next home without a contingency or just not have to deal with traditional selling.

Why Choose The Premier Offer Program?

All of the guaranteed offer programs offer you the speed and certainty of sale, at a cost. I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone that the sales price in any of these programs is generally lower than fair market value selling using the traditional methods - and the other benefits may be worth it to you. The Premier Offer Program is different because we will market your home to multiple buyers who can give you a guaranteed offer. If you decide to move forward with the guaranteed program, you'll know we made significant efforts to find a buyer who would offer you the most money possible from the Premier Offer Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Know If My Home Qualifies?

A. The Premier Offer Program is typically available for the following properties. In certain other circumstances, we may be able to provide a Premier Offer for a home that doesn't meet the following criteria. Contact us and we will be happy to see what we can do:

  • Homes with a market value of $100,00 - $500,000
  • Only properties classified as single-family, fee simple.
  • Up to half an acre
  • No well or septic
  • No flood plain
  • No foundation issues
  • No unpermitted additions
  • No bank-owned homes or distressed properties
  • No new construction
  • No properties built before 1970

Q. What If I Change My Mind?

A. At Premier Atlanta Real Estate, we have a hassle-free Listing Agreement. You can cancel anytime prior to receiving and accepting a bonafide offer on your home.

Q. Can I Sell My Home On The Open Market Instead of The Guaranteed Premier Offer Option?

A. Of course! There are lots of options for you as a homeowner. No single option is best for everyone. We have other options for you to choose from depending on what is most important to you.

Addition Terms and Conditions