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Below are all of the homes for sale by school district in Atlanta. If you would like more information on any of these real estate listings by school district, just click the "Request More Information" button when viewing the details of that property. You can also "Schedule a Showing" if you are ready to go see a home. Use the tools to save your favorite homes as favorites and share them with others. Search homes for sale by map, school, neighborhood, price, style of home and more. Simply click the "Refine Results" button to get started.

Homes For Sale By School District in Atlanta

Here you can search homes for sale in Atlanta by school district. One of the most sought after requests by potential buyers is to find homes for sale in specific school districts. The school district that a home is located in has a direct impact on the value of the home currently and it also affects the potential for increases in value in the future. Homes located in school districts which consistently post higher average test scores are more sought after and therefore sell for more money.

For more specific searches or to search for homes in a school district that we do not have listed here, use the advanced search page where you can search every school district in Metro Atlanta

Why Searching for Homes by School District Can Help

One of the most common methods buyers request from us is searches set up for homes in specific school districts. Perhaps you have narrowed your search to AlpharettaEast CobbBuckhead, or somewhere else, but that doesn't mean that a home located just anywhere in these areas will be right for you.

For example, if you are looking in East Cobb and one of your children is into music, you may find that Pope is a better option than Walton. Or, if you are looking for a home in Buckhead, you may want your children to attend Sara Smith instead of Garden Hills.

The best thing you can do is to physically go to all of the schools of interest to you and let the educators at the school give you a tour. They will talk with you about class size, and extracurricular activities, tell you if it is an IB school and what that means for your children, the academics, and more. There is nothing better than seeing it firsthand.

However, it would be impossible to visit every school in Atlanta, and here is where we can help. As real estate agents, the conversation about schools is very common. While we can't tell you what the "best" school is for you and your family, we can tell you which schools tend to be more sought after and we can provide you with information about the test scores each school reports every year. From this information, you can begin to narrow down your search and then we can look for homes in these school districts based on your needs and requirements.

We can't tell you where you should or shouldn't live, but we can assist you by providing you with information that can help you make the right decisions

Request Your School Guide

Request a copy of the Atlanta Business Chronicle annual school guide. When doing research on schools, we recommend reviewing test scores and visiting schools in person to speak with staff who can then provide you with more information about each school. A good place to start is with the annual Atlanta Business Chronicle School Guide. Request a copy and we will mail you one directly.

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