Homes for Heroes® Atlanta

Sign Up NowThere are real heroes. You don't find them on TV. You find them teaching our children, protecting our neighborhoods, putting out fires, responding to emergencies everywhere, healing our neighbors and family members and serving our country. We see you serving. We thank you. We want to give back and offer what we can to you through the Homes for Heroes program right here in Atlanta. Sign-up now and we will contact you with your next steps!

Homes for Heroes® and Premier Atlanta Real Estate

Hire us to help you buy or sell a home and you will save money, receive extraordinary service from trusted professionals with years of experience and we will also give back to fellow heroes in need. It's a win for everyone involved! Watch the video for more information...

How Homes for Heroes® Works

Homes For Heroes Mission:

To provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day. 

Homes for Heroes is the nations largest program that offers rebates and discounts for local heroes. Qualifying heroes include firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, military (active, reserve & veterans), healthcare professionals and teachers and their spouses.

Every time a hero uses Homes for Heroes, they help other heroes in need. A portion of Homes for Heroes' earnings is donated to the Homes for Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides assistance to heroes in need.

The Homes For Heroes® program offers the following benefits and savings to our Heroes:

  • The Hero receives a 25% credit off the commission listing commission
  • The Hero receives a rebate of .7% of the sales price on a home purchase which is equal to $700 for every $100,000 in sales price
  • Additional savings with a Homes for Heroes® lender
  • Save even more with when you ask us about our extended network of vendors to help Heroes.

How Do I Sign Up For Homes for Heroes® in Atlanta?

Sign up on this link

How Do I Learn More About How the Homes for Heroes® Program works?

Follow this link to the Homes for Heroes website to explore the program in more detail