What Does The Market Look Like Today?

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Well, life as we know it is on a temporary hold. I say temporary because at some point relatively soon, this will all be over and our hopes, plans and dreams will be back on track, and, what happens right now will have an impact on the trajectory of the real estate market when this is all over.

My name is Ryan Ward and I'm the team leader at Premier Atlanta Real Estate

I have a unique window into what's happening right now because Premier Atlanta Real Estate has been on the leading edge of the technological revolution in real estate longer than anyone else in Atlanta. We have insights others simply can't see. We are the only company, local or national that has been on the first page of Google for "Atlanta real estate" for over a decade and that type of exposure and website traffic gives us deeper insights into consumer behavior.

The first item I've seen is that the number of people visiting our website, surprisingly, is actually higher than last year at this time. We are all living in a virtual world for the moment, but only for the moment and people know it. The second change is that more people are signing up on our website than at this time last year. This is a voluntary step that shows intent to continue with life after COVID-19 and indicates that, as a group, we will still move forward with our plans. This is only a pause. We should do what we can to stay in the present moment and use this time extra time to spend with our families, tie up loose ends we've been to busy to do and continue to work if we can. Prepare now so that when this is over, you'll be ready to get your home listed or get in the market and buy before the rest of the buyers do and you will have a better chance of getting your new home. There very well may be a slingshot effect coming out of this. The human spirit is stronger than this virus. You know it, I know and the whole worlds know it. We can get through this together. Thanks for watching and stay strong!

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