Roswell Market Update For April 2019

What Do These Statistics Mean For Roswell?

Still A Seller's Market

First of all, it remains a seller's market. Inventory is rising slowly but sales were very strong in April - this is the first month in the last 6 where there has been a statistically relevant increase in year over year sales. The Active/Pending ratio, which is a leading indicator, is lower at 54% compared to 63% that we saw last month. This could mean May sales are ultimately lower than last year.

Average And Median Prices Down And Why

Perhaps the most noteworthy bit of news is that the average sales price in Roswell is down 10.9% to 438,933 from April of 2018 which was $492,829. It's important to note here that the median price is also down 9.5%.

The biggest factor? In 2018 there were 6 sales ranging from $900,000 to $1,700,000. In 2019 there were no sales above $900,000.

Remember, there were actually more sales this year in April than last year in Roswell so we must be mindful that one month does not make a trend. One month does make you pause and take special note of the numbers from next month to see if a trend is coming and we will keep an eye on the market!

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