Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Houses are Beautiful But Not in That Hue!

As a homeowner, real estate agent and a potential homebuyer in the coming months I've come across some extreme examples of what not to do with paint when you have your home for sale. First I would say that what people do inside of their homes really is their business. We all have different tastes and colors we prefer and we often use our home as a primary tool to express those tastes. However, when you make a decision to sell your home and the interior photos are out there for world to see and you are trying to make a great impression on a potential buyer, there are some things that you should never overlook. Bold color is at the top of that list because it's impossible to ignore.

If you want your bedroom painted a soft red/pinkish color, by all means slap some paint up on the walls and enjoy it for all that it's worth to you. But seriously, don't post a photo of it online as part of a commodity for sale that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's going to immediately cause an objection and will certainly leave some buyers flipping to the next listing without even giving your home a chance. Here's an example I came across this morning. I'm sure they love it and that's fantastic. But now they want to sell it and it's a great example of how to list a home and not sell it:

The number of people looking for a home that matches this criteria and price that want their bedroom painted this color in the city you live in and in the location you live in and the price your home is for sale for is zero. This really needs to be painted neutral.

Here's a kitchen - please overlook the clutter momentary (if that's possible and could be another ranting blog posts about what sellers aren't doing that they should be) - can we call this one the Christmas kitchen? How could a buyer possibly make sense of what it would be like to make dinner in here?

I mentioned blue too so let's look at another bold color that just really doesn't work. Honestly, it isn't nearly as bad as if we all had to gather for Christmas dinner in the kitchen above but it illustrates another example of losing buyers if you have your home for sale. This room works, technically, but not for most people. Why limit your opportunities? Aren't you trying to sell your home? Light blues are ok but stay away from dark colors if you are selling:

Back in the 1990's red was THE color for a dining room. Does anyone still use that room anyway? Well, I don't know but most homes still have one so it's gonna need some paint...this isn't the time to be proud. It's the time to think about positioning your home in the best light for the largest number of buyers. Paint the red dining room!

Don't leave red pant in your home office either!

Take Some Time, Do it Right

What I'm trying to say here is that when you leave these colors that are not in the current trends or appear to be dated, you are making a statement to potential buyers whether you intend to or not - and it isn't one you want them to hear you say.

If you don't take the time to prepare the item your are trying to sell (which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars) you are essentially saying to a buyer "yeah, I know it isn't what it should be but you do it. I'm just trying to sell it and it's going to be your problem now" and that isn't going to sit well with most buyers. It says you aren't willing to commit to doing what is necessary to get your home in the best possible condition to sell. That will cost you money. Or it may cost you a sale. It certainly will not help you sell your home.

Selling a home is serious business. Many homeowners understand this but there are far too many that could heed this advice. Go the extra mile. Take the time to prepare your home for sale. It can make the difference between selling your home and moving on to the next phase of your life, selling your home for less than it might otherwise sell for or not selling at all.

If you've decided to sell your home, do it right!

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