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If you are like most people we talk to about selling their home, you want the highest profit on that sale. Unless your home is brand new, you may need some, or, even a lot of updates to achieve that goal. The video above is part one in a series of how we will manage the process and make it happen for you.

Video Transcript

Most people want to make the most amount of money, or, the highest profit on the sale of their home. The problem is, you typically don’t have the latest styles and trends needed to find a buyer willing to pay a top price. This is where we come in. Every home and situation is different and in this case, we have a substantial update to show you so you can see what difference the Premier Design and Remodel Service can make.

Today we are in Alpharetta at the beginning of a new project to show some before scenes of this home as we begin and lay out our plan to make this homeowner a much higher profit on the sale of the home than if sold without our Premier Design and Remodel Service.

Our team, led by Lisa will manage the transformation and create a modern, move-in ready home with today’s most sought after styles and trends and so much more. We’ll advise you on what it will take to sell your home for top dollar and consult with you on how to make it happen.

Moving can be stressful and a lot of hard work by itself so we handle this whole process. Staging, contractors, design choices, shopping, quality control, timelines, and most of all, budget management.

You’ve seen this on all your favorite flip and remodel shows, but this is real. And you can do it. We have a clean slate here to help you imagine the possibilities. Let’s take a look at this house and we’ll show you what we mean.


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