Crabapple's Future Still looks Bright in the Long Term - is it the Right Place to Buy Now?


When Crabapple Crossroads was first envisioned as a walkable mixed use area of businesses, homes and townhomes right on the border of Alpharetta in Milton, the idea was welcomed as an exciting use of space and brought a fresh and inviting concept to the area. Businesses opened and homes were sold and it quickly became one of the most popular places to live for homeowners seeking the unique combination rarely found outside of "the city".

Enter a "change" in the real estate market and a drive through the overlay district no longer looks as appealing for buyers in the market today, but, this is an area where prices have come down and may now offer some of the best opportunities for buyers looking for a complete community - not just a neighborhood with a pool and tennis court. There are problems for sure. Especially for the builders, but, that does in fact mean opportunity for someone else and that means buyers.

So what does the the future hold for the one time darling community in North Fulton? I drove out yesterday to get some photos for this report and to look around and see how development was coming along. It's been about a month since I had actually stopped and got out of my car and I tried to look at the area from a potential buyers eyes to get a different take on it than what I usually see from my perspective. I still really like what I see. The architecture, thoughtful use of space, and continued development of the businesses still feels like it will turn in to a small community bursting with energy and a positive marriage of the best parts of what many people yearn for from the past combined with today's amenities and sustainable eco-growth that show the forward thinking...